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After studying Fashion Design in London, Silje Wamnes showcased her graduate collection in London, Milan and Paris in 2019. The collection, featuring handmade macrame pieces, elements of wool, silk and modern patterns, was a love letter to her Scandinavian roots and Wamnes, the brand, was born.

"For me, fashion and luxury has always been about materials and texture. The contrasts between light and heavy, soft and structured and the embracing of nature’s elements. I love making one of a kind pieces, but I also knew I wanted to make design items, little pieces of everyday luxury, that could be available for anyone. 2019 turned to 2020 and as soon as I realised face masks would become a part of our day-to-day lives, I saw it as a great opportunity to use one of my favourite materials (silk) to create a better version of this new must-have accessory. A mask that not only looks and feels better, but that is also better for the skin.  

The response to the Wamnes mask has been truly amazing and I am so grateful to each and every customer choosing to take it in as part of their wardrobe. At the end of the day Wamnes is not only a mask brand and we have more everyday luxury pieces coming your way very soon. I for one cannot wait to see where 2021 takes us!"